Verlag der Schriftsteller 
Writers Publishing House


Professional organisations recognise that advertising and promotional tools need to be calibrated with their target audience  in order to effectively  communicate with their current and prospective customers. 

A custom book or an e-book can ensure that you and your organisation stands out. An effective publication can aid in connecting with your target audience. Publications can effectively acquire new customers, drive sales and improve education and awareness.

At Verlag der Schriftsteller we have a progressive understanding of how custom books, e-books and audio books work. We believe in tailor-made, high-quality, editorial-based products. Every author is unique and our publications reflect this philosophy. 


We would like to produce an innovative and custom publication for you. Listed below is a brief overview of a standard organizational framework for creating a custom publication:

  • The initial vision, objectives and budgets are agreed upon and the book publishing details are discussed.
  • The complete book format is presented for clients approval. We have great audio book narrators
  • Editorial order and distribution details are finalized. All stories and photos are submitted upon deadline. Book page proofs are submitted to the client for approval prior to printing. All books are designed and published in print or e-format.