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Custom Books and E-Books 


Target Audience Selectivity – One of the main advantages of having a customized book or e-book is the ability to reach a specific audience.

Permanence – A distinctive advantage offered by e-books and books in general is the frequency in which they are read. 

Media Image – Custom- or e-books are looked upon as  reputable and prestigious. This lends itself to an audience with a higher level of involvement with respect to editorial content.

Control Your Message – Speak to your audience directly. A custom publication gives you complete control of your key messages, while drawing on the benefits of editorial presentation.

You Build Brand Loyalty – Beyond attracting consumers and increasing sales, custom books and e-books demonstrate to your readers that you value them and are interested in establishing and maintaining a continuing relationship.

Brand Equity – An intangible asset of added value or goodwill results from the favorable image, impressions of differentiation and / or the strength of consumer attachment to a custom book or e-book.

It’s Profitable – A custom book or e-book expands your supporter and customer base and also increases profit.

You Get Depth and Quality – The book format gives you the chance to tell your whole story without sacrificing quality. You can communicate your message in its entirety. Reach out to your audience! 

Brand Image and Symbolic Appeal -  Custom books and e-books can be used to create brand images and symbolic appeals for you,  your company and brand. 


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